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Fire Fighting Truck, Water Foam Fire Truck, Foam Fire Truck manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Kingling Isuzu Fire Fighting Truck, Shacman F3000 6X2 Truck and Trailer, Shacman F3000 6X2 Used Truck and so on.

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Kingling Isuzu Fire Fighting Truck

Min. Order / Reference FOB Price
1 Piece US $120,000-160,000/ Piece
Port: Shanghai, China
Production Capacity: 5000 Per Year
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, D/P
Type: Rescue
Certification: ISO9000, TS16949
Volume: >10000L
Emission Standard: Euro 5
Transmission Type: Manual
Payload: 20T

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Drive Wheel
Foam Truck
Transport Package
10000 L
HS Code
Project overview and layout instructions:
ISUZU's 10-ton foam fire truck is the latest heavy-duty foam fire truck independently researched and developed by our company in strict accordance with the requirements for new product development of the National Fire Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and the National Development and Reform Commission.
This car uses ISUZU's 4 × 2 chassis, with 192 horsepower and Euro 5 emission standards. It has good acceleration performance, high speed, flexible driving, safe and agile, and large power reserve. Its surging power guarantees the overall vehicle performance.
Through reasonable calculations, we determined the capacity of the fire extinguishing medium to be 10 tons, including 8 tons of water and 2 tons of foam, and the structure of the exposed liquid tank was arranged in the middle of the vehicle, with the equipment box in the front and the pump room in the rear; All openings of the car adopt the curtain door structure, and there are flip-down footboards under the curtain door to facilitate firefighters to get on and off; the pump room is equipped with Xi'an Aerospace Powered CB 10/100 fire pump and the American company Elk's PLKD80 The -7400EXM foam / water dual-use fire monitor has a water range of up to 80 meters.
The vehicle has a novel shape, a scientific and reasonable arrangement of the pump system, convenient operation, and complete display of the instrument, which can directly increase or decrease the engine speed from the rear of the vehicle. The accessories and tools are fully equipped, and the structure of rotation and drawing is compact. The layout is compact and easy to use. To make it closer to the needs of actual fire fighting. Therefore, this vehicle is an ideal main battle fire fighting vehicle for public security fire forces, petrochemicals, oil terminals, airports and other professional fire brigades.
Design principles:
The truck is designed and manufactured in accordance with the principles of "advanced, practical, stable, and efficient", and uses advanced and reliable equipment. In the design, full consideration is given to system and vehicle maintenance and upgrades, and a platform is reserved for the car. For a long period of time, the vehicles are equipped with strong maneuverability, complete functions, advanced equipment, beautiful and comfortable fire-fighting and rescue equipment, and constantly adapt to the needs of new forms.
Third, the program description:
    According to the relevant requirements of the bidding documents and the latest domestic and foreign fire suppression technologies and the actual situation of our company, the following technical solutions are planned to be adopted.
Fourth, the vehicle structure and performance parameters:
4.1 Chassis performance parameters
4.1.1 Manufacturer: ISUZU
4.1.2 Type Number: FTR
4.1.3 Engine
Model number: 4kh1
Power: 192HP
4.1.4 Fuel: Diesel
4.1.5 Emission standard: Euro 5
4.1.6 Driving form: 4 × 2
4.1.7 Maximum speed (Km / h): 90
4.1.8 Wheelbase (mm): 5600
4.1.9 Power take-off: full power sandwich power take-off, pneumatic control, control position is located in the dashboard of the cab, and is equipped with indicator lights.
4.2 Vehicle performance parameters:
4.2.1 Overall dimensions: 9300mm × 2490mm × 3600mm
4.2.2 Total mass at full load: ≤ 17000kg
4.2.3 Liquid carrying capacity: 10000kg (including 8000kg of water and 2000kg of foam)
4.2.4 Pump flow: 100 l / s (1.0MPa)
4.2.5 Pump outlet pressure: low pressure 1.0MPa
4.2.6 Foam mixing ratio: 1% -10%
4.2.7 Fire gun range: 70 m (foam) / 80 m (water)
4.3 Cab and crew room:
Driving form: Left driving cab
Structure: 4-door double-row cab.
Seat setting: 1 + 1 + 4 (including driver). The back seat of the cab is designed with 4 air respirator brackets.
Cab equipment: In addition to the original power take-off control switch and standard equipment, it is equipped with alarms, row lights, lighting switches, etc.
Light warning: Long row of lights are installed on the top of the cab.
4.4 Water pump and piping system:
4.4.1 Fire pump: Manufacturer: Xi'an Aerospace Power Type: CB 10 / 100-TB Flow rate: 100 L / s Pressure: 1.0 MPa Installation type: rear-mounted
4.4.2 Vacuum pump Model: Same brand as fire pump Maximum vacuum (kPa): ≥85 Diversion time (s): ≤80 Maximum suction depth (m): ≥7
4.4.3 Ring Pump Foam Mixer
      Model: Negative pressure ring pump foam proportion mixer
Mixing ratio: 6% -7%
4.4.4 Piping system
Pump water inlet pipe: 1 water inlet pipe with inner diameter of Φ150mm, which enters the fire pump from the tank, and is controlled by DN150mm pneumatic butterfly valve; there are 2 water suction pipes with inner diameter of Ф150 at the rear of the pump room, which can absorb water from natural water sources .
Water injection pipeline: two DN80 external water injection openings are set on each side of the vehicle body, and a pipeline control valve with an inner diameter of Φ65mm is injected into the tank from the fire pump.
Water outlet pipe: There are 2 DN80 water outlets with control ball valves on each side of the pump room; 1 DN100 cannon water outlet line with control valves.
Foam pipeline: a foam suction port and control valve with an inner diameter of Φ50mm are set on the foam tank, a foam outer nozzle and a control valve with an inner diameter of Φ50mm are set on the foam tank, and an outer suction foam with an inner diameter of Φ50mm is set on the foam tank. Interface and cover.
Residual water pipeline: The bottom of the fire pump is provided with a residual water pipeline and a control ball valve.
4.5 Fire Cannon
Manufacturer: Elk Corporation
Type: PLKD80-7400EXM Water-foam gun dual-purpose gun
Flow: 80 l / s
Range: Water: ≥80m Foam: ≥70m
Rotation angle: 360 °
Tilt angle: -45 ° to + 90 °
Control method: wireless remote control, remote control distance of 150 meters, and equipped with emergency manual operation.
4.6 Liquid tank:
4.6.1 Type: Overall exposed type,
4.6.2 Capacity: 10,000 Kg (including 8,000 kg of water and 2000 kg of foam)
4.6.3 Material: The water tank is made of high-quality carbon steel plate, and the foam tank is made of high-quality stainless steel plate; the bottom plate thickness is 5mm, the side plate and front and rear sealing plates are 3mm, the partition plate thickness is 3mm, and the top 3mm pattern steel plate.
4.6.4 Structure: Integral frame type full seam welding structure, with longitudinal and horizontal wave shields; and front and rear sealing plates, tank side walls and longitudinal and horizontal wave shields are provided with folds that can increase strength to reduce water. impact. Internal maintenance manholes provide easy access.
4.6.5 Liquid tank equipment:
Ø 2 450mm manholes with quick locking and opening device.
Ø1 overflow device.
Ø 2 liquid level devices.
Ø 2 tank bottom liquid collecting tanks and drain outlets with ball valves to control opening and closing.
Ø 4 external pressure water source water inlets, with upturned water pipes inside, 2 left and right.
Ø1 tank filling port connected to the water outlet pipe of the pump.
Ø1 foam tank vacuum valve
Ø1 foam to the internal suction port of the pump.
Ø 1 anti-vortex device that can greatly reduce the water in the tank and improve the fighting capacity of the fire truck.
4.7 Pump room and equipment compartment:
Material: The main frame of the body is made of high-strength steel profiles, and the equipment rack is made of aluminum alloy. Both the interior panel and the bottom panel are made of oxidized aluminum alloy with a thickness of 1.5-2mm.
Structure: The main frame is an integral welded truss structure of steel profiles, which is firm and reliable to ensure strength and rigidity; the inner Mongolia board is bonded with imported high-strength adhesives for aviation (without rivets), and the inner frame of the equipment box is built with aluminum alloy profiles The overlap technology can adjust the space for placing equipment, which improves space utilization and variability. Appropriate positions use vertical push-pull frames, carriages, rotating frames and high-strength plastic boxes to ensure that the equipment is easy to access; for the parts that need to be frequently inspected inside the cabin, valves are installed at appropriate locations, and others need to enter the interior of the car for inspection And repair places are also equipped with open or movable panels.
Rolling shutter doors: All equipment compartments and pump rooms are made of lightweight aluminum alloy rolling shutter doors. The handles and locks are durable and should not be deformed. All have passed the water-tight seal performance test. The door has a sealing strip to prevent water and dust; each equipment box has an LED lighting strip that opens and closes with the curtain door, and is linked with the door to facilitate access to equipment at night.
Roof guardrail: The fender structure is adopted as the roof guardrail.
Flip-flops: The steel frame is covered with an aluminum alloy pattern plate structure. The mechanical spring plus the locking pin is locked inside, which is safe and reliable.
Equipment layout principles:
l Equipment layout is designed according to ergonomic principles, and equipment is configured and placed according to the frequency of equipment use and actual fire fighting needs, so that personnel can use any equipment when standing on the ground or on the pedal in 1-2 actions
Equipment fixing principle:
lThe clamp is firm and easy to access.
lUse special fixtures to prevent rust, vibration, shedding and scratches to fix the equipment.
4.8 Electrical system
The total power of all electrical equipment of the vehicle is less than 1.4 times the rated power of the generator
License holder meets the requirements of GB4785 and meets the lighting requirements of license plates
In addition to the original vehicle equipment, control switches such as alarms, warning lights, sign lights, and silhouette lights are located in the cab, with independent circuit design.
Police lights: 1 long red police light, located on the top of the cab, the shape meets the appearance requirements of the vehicle.
Alarm: 100W tuned FM alarm, with amplifying device.
Red and blue flashing lights are installed on both sides of the vehicle body, a group of safety side marker lights are installed on the lower side of the vehicle body, and a 24V 55W all-round rear lighting is provided at the rear of the roof, which meets the requirements of GB4758.
LED light strips are installed on both sides of each equipment box, and the light door is controlled by the curtain door. Attached work lights are installed on both sides of the upper part of the compartment to facilitate equipment access and safe driving at night.
Red, yellow, and blue three-color LED lights are installed on the side and rear of the car body, and the appearance is exquisite, making driving at night more eye-catching and safe.
4.9 Fire control system
There is an operation control panel at the rear of the pump room. It is equipped with various control handles, switches, and indicators. It has a clear Chinese logo near it and has sufficient lighting. It has a schematic diagram and operation. The steps are explained, and it is durable and highly adherent, and can withstand the effects of rapid changes in temperature and climate;
The dashboard is equipped with:
l 2 liquid level gauges
lTachometer 1
l Pressure gauge 1
lVacuum pressure gauge
l 1 set of throttle controller
4.10 Decoration and spray paint:
Anti-corrosion protection:
All ferrous metal surfaces in the cab and bodywork are thoroughly decontaminated, degreased, derusted and painted. All plates, skeletons, components and structural parts have undergone strict anti-rust and anti-corrosion treatment, aluminum profiles, aluminum plates and checkered plates have undergone oxidation treatment, and the tank body adopts the latest anti-corrosion technology. The outer surface of the car body is sanded before the last paint is sprayed.
Spray paint color:
l Cab and car body ------------------- Red (painted white in place)
lAluminum roller shutter door
lChassis and lower part ------------------- Black
Paint: High-quality baking paint
Logo: made according to user requirements
4.11 Vehicle equipment tools
Equipment accessories list:
No. Name Specification / Code Unit Quantity Remarks
1 6 ″ suction pipe Φ150mm × 2m 4
2 fire hose Φ80mm × 20m pan 10 16 type
3 fire hose Φ65mm × 20m pan 10 16 type
4 Special water hose Φ80mm × 5m plate 1
5 water filters 6 ″ pieces 1
6 Two water separator F80 / 65 × 2-1.6 pieces 2
7 Collector J150 / 80 × 2-1.6 pieces 1
8 Reducing interface DN80 / DN65 only 4
9 hose wrap FP470 pieces 8
10 hose hook FG600 pieces 8
11 Hose bridge protection 2
12 Ground hydrant wrench FB450 1
13 Underground fire hydrant wrench FBX800 handle 1
14 Suction pipe wrench 6 ″ Turn 2
15 air foam gun PQ8 only 2
16 Foam gun pipettes 2
17 Foam Extubation Cannula 1
18 Pipette wrenches 2
19 multifunctional water gun QLD6.0 / 8 only 4
20 Shovel 2 # Put 1
21 rubber hammer 1
22 Fire axe GFT817 1
23 T-shaped pick 1
24 iron goose GT1 put 1
25 dry powder fire extinguisher ABC dry powder with 1 8kg
26 Rechargeable Portable Lighting MWB4100 Only 2
27 two-section ladder frame 1 6m
28 Horizontal bar ladder frame 1
29 fire hooks only 1
30 reducer interface DN150 to DN100 only 1
31 Spare tires and tool kits 1
Note: All pipeline interfaces and accessories interfaces of the vehicle are American interfaces

Five, technical documents
Ø Chassis certificate (1 copy)
Ø Chassis instruction manual (1 copy)
Ø Chassis quality warranty card (1 copy)
Ø Instruction manual for fire truck (1 copy)
Ø Fire truck certificate (1 copy)
Ø Instructions for use and maintenance of fire pump (1 copy)
Ø Fire truck handover list (1 copy)
Ø List of fire fighting equipment for fire trucks (1 copy)
Overall technical requirements
All operation switches, meters, equipment and vehicles have a standard aluminum nameplate logo
Vehicle performance meets the requirements of GB7956-1998 "Fire truck performance requirements and test methods"
Fire pump performance meets the requirements of GB6245-2006 "Fire pump performance requirements and test methods"
The quality of the liquid tank complies with the provisions of GA39.4-92;
The dimensions, axle loads and masses of the entire vehicle comply with the requirements of GB1589-2004 "Dimensions, axle loads and mass limits of road vehicles"
The vehicle's external lighting and signaling devices comply with GB4785-2004 "Exterior Lighting for Automobiles and Trailers


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